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These extension programs are offered by TOI under regulations set by the administration, equaling the quality and comprehensiveness of the programs in Orlando

The Orlando Institute has opened ministry leadership training programs to serve the needs of various ethnic and social groups in the United States. 

 At present we have an equipping relationship with communities, churches and pastors in the United States, using our expertise to assist them in doing leadership training with their people.  To facilitate this we have developed the following plans and relationships. 

 1.  Relationships with local churches and groups of churches to offer a certificate program on their church campuses as a distance education site of The Orlando Institute (TOI).

 2.  Course work and credit hours will be patterened to TOI catalogue specifications. Note that students are not official certificate students when they begin taking classes. They must apply and be admitted to a program through the residence school.

 3.  Lecturers/Professors in the sites must receive the initial approval of the Director of the Extension Program, as well as the final approval of the TOI President each academic year. There is an administrative officer at each site. They report to the TOI President.

 4.  The local sites are encouraged to set up an advisory board of 5-10 members, to help with local issues, contacts and fund raising.

 5.  If the terms of agreement are not kept by the site, TOI reserves the right to replace any person necessary or to terminate that extension program.

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