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 We welcome your use of the resources that God has enabled us to place on line for the body of Christ. Please follow these guidelines:

Copyright/Reproduction Limitations

These data files/documents are the sole property of The Orlando Institute. They may not be altered or edited in any way. They may be printed only in their entirety for circulation as "freeware," without charge. All reproductions of this data file and/or document must contain the copyright notice (i.e., Copyright 1995-2014 The Orlando Institute) and this Copyright/Reproduction Limitations notice.  Under Professional Articles and Short Papers are articles and journal entries which have individual authors and original dates of publication.  The TOI materials are updated regularly.

These data files/documents may not be used without the written permission of The Orlando Institute for resale or the enhancement of any other product sold.

All of our resources may be printed for immediate free use.

If you wish to do training in a formal way you may contact The Orlando Institute via email to establish a formal relationship as an extension site. There are a number of options. See distance ed policy.

Links to other popular webs are on our links page. You may link to any of our webs and web resources. Please let us know your website URL and what web you are linking to via the response form.

If you have difficulty with any of our web materials, please click here to let us know by e-mail.

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