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Ministry Abstracts

Developing Leadership in Youth

Fathers and Teenagers: Social Values

How to be a Godly Family

How to Become a Discipler

Leadership of Spiritual Movements

Social Obligations of the Church

Spiritual Breathing

The Biblical Context of Violence

Education Abstracts

A Matrix for Assessing Values in Education

Foundational Values in Education

Philosophical Values in Education: Part I

Philosophical Values in Education: Part II

Research on Developing Talent

Tertiary Education: Islam and the U. S.

Theological Education: Values and Directions for Involvement

Teaching Methods Manual

Counseling Abstracts

Models of Integration in Counseling: a Critical Review

A New Model for Integration in Counseling

Theological Abstracts

A Biblical Model of the Christian Life

Christ in Us: the Hope of Glory

Components of Spiritual Formation

Conceptual Foundations for Theosis

Creation and the Theology of Reality

Discipleship and Spiritual Direction

Fiorenza on Theological Method

Levels of Belief in the Pauline Epistles

Loving God with Heart and Mind: Apologetics in the Post-Modern Age

Realistic Theism and the Foundation of Spiritual Life

Peter, Paul and the Anonymous Christian

Spiritual Formation as a Journey

The Calvinist - Arminian Debate

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Spiritual Growth

The Work of the Spirit in the Believer

The Holy Spirit and the Human Spirit

Philosophy Abstracts

Ascending Foundationalism

Developing a Reformed World View

Elements of a Christian World View

Epistemology & Spirituality

Ethics and Future Generations

Intuition in Kant and Confucius

Ethical Foundations for the Future

Is God an Internal Realist?

Knowledge of Self and the World

Philosophical Thinking and Systematic Theology

Realism, Identity and Time

The Collapse of Marxism

The Nature of Ethical Systems

Would Kant Tell A Lie?


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Como Llegar a ser un Discipulador

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